Not at a store near you

Even though a release date is far, far off for my next book, I can't help but think about how I'd like to release it. The deal is, I'm thinking about going the self-publishing route again. And that's not just because of control freak nature; I'm especially concerned at the growing consolidation of music books in most chain bookstores.

Maybe I've missed this, but the closest Barnes & Noble to me has stopped carrying all books related to movies and music. Yes, once they had a handful of shelves devoted to them, and now there's nothing. And believe me, I searched every single corner of this one and came up empty-handed.

Also, the multiple Borders around me keep reducing their stock of CDs, DVDs, and books about music and movies. What once had a handful of rows of books now is a row, maybe two at most.


Maybe this is just showing the ever-growing dominance of Amazon, or just the slow decline in general book sales. But in thinking about putting out a book in about a year or so, I wonder if it's worth the time and effort to see if a name publisher would like to put out When We Were the Kids. I have no problem self-publishing again, but if the word of mouth on POST was any indication of how slow-as-molasses my work can get out there, I don't really know what to expect.

But that's not any reason to consider not working on a book. As I've said before: if you have the drive to do something and want to complete it, DO IT!