Don't blame the Cookie Monster

I've come to accept the fact that random musings about the Cookie Monster are bound to come into my head at any time. Lately, it's been about the whole, "let's make Cookie Monster eat fruit so he doesn't make kids obese" angle they went with a few years ago.

Since I heard about this, I think people should not blame the Cookie Monster. He's innocent of any crime.

I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't like cookies. Cookies are great, and they're not something truly harmful like cigarettes or heroin. (I don't think Heroin Monster or Smoke Monster would fly on Sesame Street anyway.)

There are understandable reasons to think there might be a potential harm in having a character on a kid's show devour cookies at any time of day or night. Then again, this is a monster that's blue and fuzzy with buggly eyes. How can that be a bad influence? He's already crazy, so why do adults think kids are going to take after him?

It's like how Garfield eats lasagna. Garfield likes to take everything easy, except when it comes to eating. Should Garfield eat vegetarian lasagna now ? I say no since it's his attitude about life that's reflected onto what he eats. The same goes for the friendly blue monster.

Keep in mind, this rant is based solely on my time of watching Sesame Street since the eighties. I don't have any scientific research backing any of this up. These are just observations. Now to have a cookie with my dinner.