I'm not necessarily one to welcome change. Specifically, the kind of change where I'm forced to adapt to something I don't agree with. But when my health is on the line, I must relent. And that's fine by me.

In the past few months, I've had to adjust my dairy intake. Severely. As in, a glass of milk a day along with a lot of fiber, mixed with a lot of water and vegetarian options. This diet has been mostly based on suggestions by my colorectal doctor, whom I went to after a hemorrhoid ballooned to the size of my thumb. Fun stuff to experience, I tell you. Especially when you drive four hours for a wedding sitting on it.

Since my initial doctor visit, I've had to drastically cut down on my cheese intake, milk intake, and cut out my ice cream intake almost completely. (I can still have yogurt, thankfully!) As I continue to see this doctor, the diet must remain before I have a clean bill of health.

What's surprising to me about this adjustment is how much milk I've had to reduce from my diet. Parents are always trying to make their children (whether they're toddlers or adults) to drink more milk. I myself never hated milk, but I had to use some tactics (ie, adding ice, sip from a straw) in order for me to get through one glass. Up until my hemorrhoid, I was drinking at least two glasses of milk a day along with cheese pizza twice a week for dinner.

Now I'm down to this intake, having to eat a lot of fiber while I can still eat what I want and exercise how I want to. But a life without milk is not something I could easily imagine.


Ted said…
Wow! I hope this new diet helps with your overall health. Sorry to hear about the pain and suffering you're going through.