February Record a Day (Fourth Week)

February 24th: Least Favorite Record
Warren Franklin, Your Heart Belongs to the Midwest (pic
I bought this at a house show last year directly from Warren. Warren played an excellent electric set with the current line-up of Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate). Yet when I listened to this record, which is all acoustic, I wasn't very pleased. His voice is a little too rough and shaky for my tastes. (I'm more of a Davey von Bohlen guy than a Tim Kinsella guy.) I'm more than happy to help and support musicians, but this record is not one I go to for repeat plays. 

February 25th: Record on Classic Black Vinyl
Rival Schools, United By Fate (pic)
Received this a gift from my friend Nick. I'm a monumental fan of Rival Schools. I've seen them every time they've come to town (which, so far, is only twice). This is, without question, my favorite band that Walter Schreifels has been a part of. Since this is an original pressing, it's on classic black vinyl.

February 26th: Splatter Colored Vinyl
At the Drive-In, Relationship of Command (pic)
Kinda stretched things with this. I don't have a lot of colored vinyl. I don't go out of my way for it, frankly. If a record is in a special color, it's a nice bonus, but not mandatory. This is the Record Store Day 2013 reissue of the ATDI classic. I would venture calling its color splattery tan. 

February 27th: An Album to Drink To
Frank Sinatra, September of My Years (pic)
I don't drink very often, and I believe the intent behind this one was to showcase an album you've cried yourself to sleep with. This is my favorite Sinatra record, and I can attest it goes well with a late-night drink before heading to bed, sans any crying or in a state of drunkeness. 

February 28th: Any Record
Jawbox, For Your Own Special Sweetheart (pic
I randomly picked this one out of my collection. This is Dischord's reissue with bonus digital tracks. Though I already have all of the songs (and the remastering doesn't sound far from the original mastering), it's nice to have this record on vinyl. Got it at Mad World Records last year when I turned 34.