March Record a Day (Third Week)

March 16th: A Splatter-Colored Vinyl
The Appleseed Cast, Middle States (pic
Upon closer inspection, I actually have a few splatter-colored vinyls. This is one I have never spun. I bought it directly from the band at a show in Denton last year. Got out the MP3 code and rocked out to it that way. Sure is a pretty color vinyl, though.

March 17th: A Green-Colored Vinyl
Title Fight, Floral Green (pic)
In honor of St. Patrick's Day, it's green vinyl! I don't hesitate to call this a classic. While their influences are pretty obvious (No Knife, Seaweed, Lifetime), these guys are going in the right direction. 

March 18th: A Local Band
Innards, I've Lost Everything (pic)
This is a Denton-based four-piece. They play really short songs with a lot of screaming. For some reason, they're considered "Dad-core." I have no clue as to what the hell that means.

March 19th: An Album That Makes You Dance
The Sylvers, Something Special (pic)
The Sylvers might be a forgotten almost-Jacksons, but "Hotline" is pure pop disco gold. Happy to have full version, though I prefer the shorter, single version.

March 20th: An Artist's Most Memorable Album
Pete Yorn, musicforthemorningafter (pic)
Pete is a great songwriter, and all the elements came together on his solo album. This signed copy is something I received from KTCU. I have never played it on the turntable.

March 21st: An Album From the Year of Your Birth
Cheap Trick, Dream Police (pic)
I was born in 1979, and Cheap Trick released this beauty. You can't really go wrong with anything from Cheap Trick's first four albums, but this one is especially great because of the title track.

March 22nd: Most Recent Purchase 
Deafheaven, Sunbather and The Rubinoos, self-titled (pic)
I bought the Rubinoos' debut at Half Price Books last week and I purchased Sunbather at the Deafheaven show last Sunday.