March Record a Day (Fourth Week)

March 23rd: Album Bought at a Show
Into It. Over It, Intersections (pic)
Bought this directly from Evan Weiss at Trees when his band opened for Saves the Day.

March 24th: Hand-Numbered Record
Braid, Frame & Canvas (pic)
Not necessarily hand-numbered, but for Record Store Day 2013, this came with a "420/1000" UPC. I don't know if every copy had the same UPC or not.

March 25th: A Picture Disc
Robert Goulet, Hollywood Mon Amour (pic)
I don't own any picture discs, so I thought it would be funny to post a pic of an early Robert Goulet album. Goulet is Goulet, part serious, part over-the-top.

March 26th: A Re-press
Phil Spector's Christmas Album (pic)
Definitely not an original, given the very '80s design for a sleeve. The music is still ace.

March 27th: Album Given As a Gift 
Tom Waits, Nighthawks at the Diner (pic)
My old housemate Matt gave me this as a Christmas present a couple of years ago. Features some wonderful tunes, like "Better Off Without a Wife" and "Big Joe and Phantom 309."

March 28th: A Favorite Record
Supertramp, Breakfast in America (pic)
A record I didn't start listening to until last year, but it's already become one of my all-time favorites.

March 29th: A Split Release
Jejune/Jimmy Eat World (pic)
Bought this directly from Big Wheel Rec. Features one of my favorite Jimmy Eat World tunes, "What I Would Say to You Now."

March 30th: A Swirl-Vinyl
Don't own any, so no picture.

March 31st: Repeat Any Challenge from the Month
Rika, How to Draw and River, Step By Step (pic)
One of my favorite records from 2013, this Austrian-band put out their record in the States on Count Your Lucky Stars. CYLS put it out on green vinyl, a challenge I was happy to do again.