Evil Urges

Crunch time with editing means less time for blogging. For now, some random musings:

--The August issue of Revolver is now on stands everywhere. I think Brian will agree with me on this: no matter how small the mention, getting the word out about our books is a plus.

--Hot Fuzz has made such a powerful effect on me since I saw it a year ago. The most recent example of its effect is that I hope to watch Bad Boys, Bad Boys II, and Point Break soon. Yes, seriously. For this weekend, I have Silent Rage at home. Yes, it's Chuck Norris essentially against a Michael Myers-like character. Maybe Richard would like a review of this for his site . . .

--Darn it, why do I want to drop everything I'm reading for pleasure so I can read Goodbye 20th Century, David Browne's book on Sonic Youth?

--The more I listen to My Morning Jacket's Evil Urges, the more I like it, including "Highly Suspicious."

--I'm glad to see Nathan praise probably the funniest and heartfelt Apatow-produced film to date.

--After reading this interview with Jim Ward, I think I have some slight retooling to do on the At the Drive-In chapter. What timing! I'm going through that chapter today . . .