I didn't know that you liked lemonade. Lemonade!

Todd posted a blog about attending a Texas Rangers game last weekend. One part that had me squirming was this: "I bought nachos, peanuts and 2 regular lemonades." No, it's not because he didn't use the Chicago Manual of Style in that sentence. Rather, it's the thought of having nachos and peanuts with lemonade. I could not have these all together.

Omitting all the gory details, I had a couple of bouts of acid indigestion in middle school because of lemonade. Mixing powdered donuts with lemonade was not a good mix for breakfast. And it's a mix I've never had since.

My choice of drink is always congruent with the food I eat. Water goes with everything (except cereal) and it's what I usually have with breakfast and lunch. Milk usually comes with dinner, and orange juice makes for a nice afternoon drink. Soda is a rarity for these days, except when used in a mixed drink at parties.

I have nothing against lemonade, nachos, or peanuts. Just having them all in one evening reminds me of when I had a peppermint after eating carrots for dinner. Again, omitting the gory details, I'll never try that combination again either.


Todd Carruth said…
ha. I guess your not invited to my next bacon, ice cream and Dr. Pepper party.