What's a nubian?

For the last few weeks, certain bits of dialogue from Chasing Amy have randomly come into my head. I don't know why, but lines about Archie and Jughead, the other three being figments of your imagination, and hiring Charles Schulz have come up during making the bed, getting the mail, and brushing my teeth.

This all led me to pop in my DVD copy of the movie and watch a few scenes a couple of nights ago. I had not watched the entire movie in at least four years and had not opened my copy of the Clerks/Chasing Amy scriptbook in at least seven years. Somehow, while watching the Hooper X comic-con rant, every single line blurted out of me as I watched. Not just the words themselves, but the inflections and pauses. I couldn't believe this, but then again, I watched this clip dozens of times over and over again when I went nuts for Kevin's films back in college.

I'm sure VCR hounds and theater-goers will frown upon hearing this, but as somebody that really got into movies in college (aka, the time that the DVD format broke through), I'm a product of the DVD generation. Meaning, I skip around DVDs and watch certain scenes and watch entire movies with commentary tracks on. I couldn't help it back in college: rather than watch a TV show, I'd watch certain scenes from Clerks over and over again. That stuff got stuck in my brain somehow, and even though I rarely watch any of Kevin's movies these days (Clerks II is probably the biggest one that I relate to with my life now, next to Dogma and Jersey Girl), I still remember a lot.

Thinking about this now, I'm reminded of when I watched Empire Strikes Back with a friend of Matt and Tim's in college. This guy knew practically every single line from the film verbatim. I guess I'm that way with Kevin's movies. But if I were to watch any one of his films with somebody now, I'd keep quiet and let the person experience the film as he or she wants to. Besides, watching a movie with someone who knows every frickin' line can take some of the fun out of watching a flick for the first time.