"Breakfast" tacos

A few months back, when I realized that I could successfully make scrambled eggs (I must take baby steps in hopes of ever saying I can "cook"), I've been in the habit of making breakfast tacos. But here's the catch: I don't eat breakfast tacos for breakfast. That meal has been since childhood (and will probably remain through adulthood) almost strictly Brown Sugar Pop Tarts, save for stretches of times when I had cold cereal or powdered donuts. These days, I usually have breakfast tacos for dinner on one day during the week and for one lunch on a weekend. So I wonder why breakfast tacos (and moreover, breakfast burritos) carry the tag as breakfast meals.

There's something inherently "breakfast" about scrambled eggs and bacon, but plenty of non-breakfast meals have eggs and bacon in them. I guess the whole "scrambled" part cues up "breakfast" in people's minds. I have yet to see a dinner prepared in a restaurant or at a friend's house with scrambled eggs. The same applies to strips of bacon. That kind of preparation stays only the morning hours, right?

On top of that, there's something very bachelor-like with eating something so synonymous with breakfast. Jerry Seinfeld has this reputation of eating cold cereal all the time, and it served his Seinfeld character very well, given his never-ending bachelorhood on the show. For as long as I avoid meal conformity (and especially adulthood conformity and responsibility), these atypical things will continue to bring me joy and plenty of eye-rolling from those who think I should "grow up" and become a cog in the wheel of adulthood.