The new car search resumes at a snail-like pace, mainly out of fear. But I press forward, even though I've been informed by a friend that my choice in a new car is questionable. No, it's not like the Toyota Camry is a bad, unreliable car -- it's just that, in my friend's eyes, the Camry is a "lowest common denominator" kind of car.

A couple of things about my friend you should know: he 1) does not drive a Camry, 2) doesn't not play the drums, so he doesn't need a lot of room in his car to carry a drum kit, and 3) is really into sporty vehicles, especially ones manufactured in Europe. Since I want to make this car purchase as easy and painless as possible, I'm sticking to what I know, and am not really that inclined to seek out tons of different cars when I'd probably get a Camry anyway.

Yet when my friend told me that the Camry was a "lowest common denominator" vehicle, I was reminded of how I often use the phrase "lowest common denominator": when describing crappy pop/rock music and crappy, no-brainer movies. Have I become the car-buying equivalent of a Creed fan and Wild Hogs fan? I don't think it's a matter of wondering if I've become one -- it's the fact that I just am one already.

In my eyes, cars have four wheels and they get people from point A to point B. While I had an obsession for BMW cars in 1990/1991, that interest faded when I really got into music in middle school and high school. Luxury cars look nice, but they're still cars. I have a feel of what I like and what I don't like, as well as what I need and don't need in a car, so I'm not compelled to become someone with a vast knowledge of cars.

I know I don't want a station wagon, an SUV, a van, a truck, or a coupe. My family has had Toyotas for many years and they're reliable cars. I liked my '02 Camry until more and more problems kept coming up, and the CD player situation was the absolute final straw.

So I might be somebody who can give you a detailed analysis of Braid's back catalog and Kevin Smith's films, cartoons, comic books, and Q&A DVDs, but I just don't have the same passion for cars.


Nick said…
i feel you eric. i've had to go through a few cars over the last couple years. we experienced a fender bender 2 weeks ago. And atleat you are not battling State Farm. But I wish you the best of luck. Don't bypass the Hyundai brand. I've had two cars from them and they offer 100,000 mile warranty. Even if you get a decent used one, warranty still stands. good luck and call anytime. rockin Nick