Maybe it was because of severely disliking a handful of movies that had great reputations (Risky Business, Heavenly Creatures, Near Dark, and Being There) or I just needed a short break from watching European horror flicks, or just accepting the fact that it might really take two months for Quantum of Solace to be available to rent from Netflix, I've become hooked on the reimagined Battlestar Galactica. And when I mean hooked, I mean watching multiple episodes every week on DVD. And listening to many of the episode commentaries. And reading sites like this one. So, I'm definitely hooked, but I refuse to use "frak" in everyday language.

As I've grown older, my opinion of most shows on television is closer to the opinion of Woody Allen's character in Annie Hall mixed in with a lot of rants from Network. In other words, I'm not easily convinced I should spend a lot of time watching something. Especially given the risk that I might eventually wonder why I spent so much time watching something that never meant much in the first place. I held off on checking out LOST until fate happened to bring me to check out a recap show early into its second season. And I've been a fan and regular watcher ever since.

So with BSG, hearing lots of praise for its series finale, I figured now would be a good time to start from the beginning. And so far, I'm loving it. Plenty of good drama and great character development, along with stellar acting and great writing.

Generally, I would rather watch a show that, for the most part, is good from start to finish. The deal is, that's rarely the case with most shows. I've been burned before by shows that started great and limped to a finish line or were cancelled before a finish line could be crossed. I'll never forget being really into Dead at 21 and was left hanging when it disappeared and never came back. And I'll never forget how much I was into Six Feet Under in its first two seasons, but found myself slowly phasing out of it during the third season and I never went back. In considering to watch Heroes, I'll have to decide once the show is done. I heard enough praise about how awesome it was in the first season and how crappy it's been since then. I'll hold off for now.

Too often, and I definitely started sensing it when Fringe came back earlier in the year, nervous network executives ruin a promising show. With new characters introduced to the show, I could care less about the hard-ass new boss and the young niece that came into the fold -- making me like the not-often-funny humor, the monster-of-the-week scenarios, and the sexual tension even less.

Basically, once LOST came back, I was back in LOST-land full steam. Yet BSG has grabbed me and I can somehow keep track of all the plot lines on LOST at the same time. I just don't plan on trying to watch the original BSG.


Ted said…
Welcome to the BSG world, my friend! I've been hooked since the mini series came out 4-5 years ago.