Don't spoil

After watching the season premiere of LOST, I believe I have another resolution for this year: stay away from reading major spoilers about upcoming shows. Seeing the first two episodes knowing only their titles and that I should rewatch "Flashes Before Your Eyes," I was quite impressed by the whole experience. And I'd like to keep it that way for the rest of the season.

Since my rabbit ears don't pick up ABC very well in digital as its (soon-to-be-gone) analog signal, I decided to see the two-parter-with-recap at a local theater. Filled in a room with other fans, there were so many curveballs thrown that I was happy people didn't moan and groan and/or storm out. Like season four's opening episode, all those who've been patient with the show get rewarded.

My resolution is to stay away from detailed, beat-by-beat rundowns of upcoming episodes. Despite defending reading spoilers before, I think at this point in the show (five seasons in), it's nice to still be surprised. That's why I choose to do this.


Eric said…
Dude! That LOST premier was pretty amazing. We need to chat sometime.
Jade Clark said…
We can't get the digital signal for ABC worth poop either and had to watch the regular channel, all un-crisp and plain. least it's something, 'cause dadgumit, we ain't missin' LOST.
FrequencyDown said…
Loved the first hour, the second wasn't as hot.