Three more reasons to watch Doomed Moviethon

I wrote three more movie reviews for Doomed Moviethon, and they are now online. This time, three lost classics from the 1980s.

On Night of the Comet:
When a comet wipes out most of the earth’s human beings, what are the few survivors to do? Moreover, who are the survivors, and why did they survive? ’84’s Night of the Comet tackles the effects rather than trying to understand why the earth’s population was reduced to only a few. And the few who are undead zombies are not the worst threat.
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On The New Kids:
If director Sean S. Cunningham’s Friday the 13th was his take on Halloween and Psycho, then The New Kids was his attempt at Straw Dogs.
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On Chopping Mall:
What happens when robotic security guards meant to protect the innocent go bad? Jim Wynorski's Chopping Mall addresses the possibility by using the slasher flick formula, but in a way that’s more entertaining than an attempt to rip off Halloween.
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Richard of DM said…
Thanks again for your contributions, Eric. There is something to be said for 80s horror movies. The market was ripe for horror flicks. The theaters wanted date movies and slashers fit the bill. The fans wanted gore and the filmmakers were more than happy to supply it. The MPAA only went after the flicks released by the majors so smaller productions were rarely censored. Combine all of this with the unrestrained tackiness of the 80s and the reckless abandon of the crews behind these flicks to make their films incredibly dated and voilĂ , instant classics.