I still listen to CDs

Blame downloading all you want, but I still like to listen to a lot of music, whether it's on CD or MP3. I've never liked the sound of vinyl, so don't consider me one of those people who's gone back to vinyl because CDs apparently don't have any value in the digital age. As I've said before, MP3s and CD-Rs give me an idea about whether or not I'd like to buy the physical CD. If anything, MP3s have given me the chance to get a good listen before I drop some good money on an album.

Lately, I've been really enjoying the Killers' Day & Age record, but frustratingly so, the band continues to make fantastic singles and so-so album tracks. What I have been enjoying immensely is Glasvegas's self-titled debut album, which was just released stateside. Never did I think doo-wop and girl group sounds and beats would mix so well with shimmering guitars.

Two records I will probably buy without road-testing on MP3 are Zao's Awake? and Cursive's Mama, I'm Swollen. I'm quite sure that I will not be let down by these albums, as I have heard a few tracks and quite sure that these bands are putting out worthwhile stuff. Besides, both bands are some of the few that I'm quite impressed with album by album, a number of albums into their careers.

Lastly, Laura Nyro has made quite an impact on me. Thanks to a couple of Popdose write-ups on her I've been taken by her material as a solo artist and songs she wrote for other artists that were major hits, like "Wedding Bell Blues" and "And When I Die."

So, fear not music industry. I still actually buy products you put out. Just don't blame me for not blindly buying things I think I might like.


Greg said…
Ditto. Especially on the Killers.