Like yesterday's post, I thought I'd share some movies that I hope (and want) to see first-run in a theater. Like previous years, the list is short for a number of reasons, and the list to see DVDs is always long for a number of reasons.

I hope to see Watchmen in its full glory on the big screen, mainly so I can understand why this is such a beloved story. Its trailers look promising, but I seem to be in the minority as I've tried to understand the greatness of the graphic novel. When I read it a few years ago, its artwork and story just screamed 1980s, especially the Cold War/nuclear war angle. Hopefully Zack Snyder's take will shed some light on what I'm not understanding.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is a given mainly because I've enjoyed all of the previous ones, and have seen them all in a theater. I'm sure my parents will venture out to the theaters to see this as well.

Hands down, the trailers for Black Dynamite have me excited. No, I'm not going to say that like so many people were with Snakes On a Plane a few years ago. No, I'm not going to claim it's to be one of the best things "ever," creating false hype, and pretending like it never happened once the movie comes out. Rather, this seems like a funny send-up of 70s blaxploitation films while being true to the spirit of blaxploitation films.

So yes, that's three, in one year. And I'm not married with a young child and am dying for a night out.