To cook or not to cook

Once again, some recipes come my way, seem possible to make with my small cooking skills, and I'm set to at least try them once. Stevie's food blog has a recipe for Vegetarian Tacos and a recipe for Black Bean Quesadillas. I'm intrigued, and willing to try to make them, even though I could fail miserably.

When I last checked in with my ongoing quest to cook, I tried to make breakfast tacos. My attempt to make tortillas was a complete bust, but I finally made scrambled eggs. Yes, all these later, I had yet to make scrambled eggs. So, there was an upside.

Understand that I refuse to adopt the single male lifestyle of eating out all the time. I like eating at home more than going out, but I'm not the biggest fan of making too much food. To be on the safe side, I tend to buy frozen food like pizza, soup, and lasagna. I still like that food, but sometimes I want to try something. I won't be disappointing anybody, unless the house stinks up and the stink won't go away for a few days.

Also, something certain members of my family don't understand, I'm not a vegetarian, but I do like to eat vegetarian food. Simply, it's a desire to taste different things and a way to manage weight.

Now I've been presented with a challenge, in the words of Adam from Midnight Madness, I'm not walking away from this one.