Free Run

I was recently challenged to say a few things about Wii Fit, the exercise game for Nintendo Wii that is harder to find than the system itself, more than "it's awesome." Well, in the words of Adam from Midnight Madness, never walk away from a challenge.

As someone who saw video games develop through the 80s and 90s, never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I'd play a video game to get a decent workout. Well, on days like today, when it's just above freezing and unbearable to run outside, I turn to our Wii and do some exercises. I do the Free Run game for a good thirty minutes, roughly running five miles. This is a decent comparison to my forty-minute, three-mile-run I usually do outside. I prefer the run outside, but not every day is like this past Saturday, where it was in the mid-seventies and sunny.

I have played a number of Wii Fit's other games and have enjoyed the hula hoop one the most. By the end of the thirty or so minutes, I feel like I've done something good about keeping my body in shape. Still, I long for running down my street rather running in place inside.


xemefex said…
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swirly girl said…
Eric- I'm glad you followed through with this! I'm still debating on picking this up, even though the hoola hoop game sounds right up my alley.