And all the boys and all the girls . .

Songs in my head:
"The Drowners" by Suede
"New Generation" by Suede

After making a Suede singles anthology mix CD, I decided to move my Suede records from the 'L' section to the 'S' section. Here is why: Suede was always Suede, but in the US, they had to be called the London Suede. Apparently there was this artist in Washington DC that claimed the name Suede first. So the London Suede it was. But as far as the American Suede, I have never heard or seen a record in a shop. Putting two and two together after seven years, I decided to make the move.

This was mentioned on the Shaun of the Dead commentary track by Edgar Wright, but I had to check it out to make sure it was true. The actor that plays the disgruntled roommate of Shaun of Ed's (Pete) is also the actor that supplied the voice of Darth Maul.

Listening to Wes Anderson's commentary track on The Royal Tenenbaums last night, I realized that the actor that plays young Richie Tenenbaum is John Turturro's son. He was born while his father was filming Barton Fink.

This may be totally untrue, but I found this on a Ben Folds fansite. Songs for Silverman is the new album title? A re-release of Whatever and Ever Amen with bonus tracks? Could "Mitchell Lane" (a fantastic b-side from that era) be on there? Could the version of "Song for the Dumped" in Japanese be on there? Shall wait and see . . .