Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Size of Your Life

Songs in my head:
"High as the Moon" by the Get Up Kids
"All That I Know" by the Get Up Kids
"Forever Got Shorter" by Braid
"Jesus, Etc" by Wilco
"Size of Your Life" by the Promise Ring
"Heartlight" by Neil Diamond

I'm up earlier than normal this morning because of my darn scratchy throat. Shall be taking Kev's advice and looking into getting some honey from the grocery store. Still, nothing else in my body is sore. Sometimes I talk just too much. Maybe this is a good thing. Having a scratchy throat doesn't stop me from writing though!

Well, I finally caved in: I got a MySpace account. Yes, after months of dismissing it as a cheesy waste of time, I now feel it's a great thing to have. No, I'm not trying to find love through this, post sad/poorly-lit pictures of myself, complain about how my life sucks, politics suck or how I feel about sports teams. This is a great networking tool and the main reason why I signed up for it is already paying off. I think you'll know why later in the year. Yes, it's book-related.

Wilco will be on Late Show with David Letterman Friday night. I think Josh will be taping this.

Vince Neil reportedly said a naughty word on NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and it went out uncensored over the air. I don't know if Josh taped this or not.

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