Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Memory Lame

Songs in my head:
"Memory Lame" by Jim O'Rourke
"Picture Book" by the Kinks

NME has a lot of info about New Order's next album, Waiting for the Sirens Call.

Pitchfork sheds a lot of light onto Yo La Tengo's forthcoming retrospective. It will be out in March and I will definitely pick this up. I've been a casual fan of the band for quite a while. Maybe this comp will help me jump headfirst into their back catalog.

This band has a rather long and hard-to-remember name. Longer and harder-to-remember than this band's name.

We watched Fellini's La Strada last night. Really cool movie. Not the most cheeriest topic and tone, but still very effective and enjoyable. I'll shut up now so I don't start sounding like that guy in Annie Hall that rambles about a Fellini film . . .

One of my favorites films from 2004 is released on DVD today. Now I can enjoy this movie at home without having that bonehead who sat behind me in the theater.

As a fan of DVD commentary tracks, I find this site a wonderful read.

Ever wonder, "What's that song in that commercial?" Click here.

Ever wonder, "Why are they trying to do an Americanized version of the Office?" I'm hearing some rumblings that it will make the TV airwaves soon. I haven't seen any spots for it though . . .

Even though I live in Dallas, I tend to read Fort Worth Star-Telegram first and then the Dallas Morning News. I rarely go out to Fort Worth these days, but I'm still interested in what goes on. It's not that far away from Dallas . . .

Frank Black had his first child on Friday. Here's the info.


Anonymous said...

"I rarely go out to Fort Worth these days, but I'm still interested in what goes on."

Maybe that's because Ft. Worth has actual nightlife in its downtown...

Johnnie Santi said...

There are a few books on the subject, some very