Thursday, January 27, 2005

Rosemary, Heaven restores you in life

Songs in my head:
"Evil" by Interpol
"Filthy Way to Lose Yourself" by Retisonic

Good news for those that bought Wilco's A Ghost is Born: just like what they did with Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, they are offering a free download of the bonus EP that will be on the overseas version of the album. It's not available for download on the band's official site just yet, but there is some tracklist info here. has the good word about Horace Pinker's next record.

After reading this, I get the feeling that Fiona Apple is in a similar situation to what this woman through a few years ago. Look what happened to her career after she got out of it.

I heard a song by this band a few months ago in a record store. It was just one song from their debut EP and I liked what I heard. It reminded me of shades of Dismemberment Plan-like freak-outs and Braid's melodicism. However, I keep reading in publications like NME and Pitchfork that they are more in the vein of early-to-mid-80s post-punk like Gang of Four and Wire. Huh? Maybe I need to listen to more tracks by this band . . .

Carl "A.C." Newman checks in with some info about the next New Pornographers record.

Pitchfork has some pretty solid info about the next Ben Folds record.

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