Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Serious, serious now

Song in my head:
"Serious" by [DARYL]

Here are the nominees you've been waiting for!

Turns out one of my favorite authors gave birth to a baby girl on Sunday.

Watch out for Fountains of Wayne portraying the Hollies on NBC's American Dreams. Here is more info.

I watched Miller's Crossing last night. I thought it was a well-developed story and looked beautiful. However, (Matt, start typing your hate e-mail or comment) I found the gangster lingo and the nicknames to be a little confusing. I got the basic plot down but maybe I need to refer to the book I have on the Coen Brothers for more info.

You mean to tell me that this record has yet to be released across the pond? And I thought us Americans had it bad with hoping for a US release for the new Manics or the new Idlewild records.

Speaking of the next Idlewild record, Chrome Waves has some info: "Jack Rabid of The Big Takeover has confirmed (though a contact at Capitol) that Idlewild's Promises/Warnings has NO North American release date, despite what I've read and reported. Apologies to anyone who had March 8 circled on their calendars to camp out at their local record store. Hopefully it won't be too long in coming after the UK release, or Capitol's Canadian division will import a bunch of copies for our consumption before a proper domestic version is released, as frequently happens. Sometimes there are perks to being a colony!"

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Matthew said...

I agree. "Miller's Crossing" is a great but confusing film that requires more than one viewing.