The Drowners

Songs in my head:
"The Drowners" by Suede
"Love is Hell" by Ryan Adams

As of late, I've really been enjoying Ryan Adams' Love is Hell album. I know it's a really dark record: so dark that even the upbeat songs are sad. However, given all the rainy and chilly weather we've had here, it's been a good soundtrack for it. Ryan always has more songs in him and after reading this, I'm looking forward to a few new releases from him this year.

On one hand, this article is very simple. On the other hand, it's very right-on.

Here is more ammunition for my book.

Here is some info about the next three Cure reissues. I know somebody that will be very excited by this news.

I plan to see Aloha tomorrow night in Denton. I don't know much of their stuff, but what I have heard sounds very good.


torr said…
Let us know how the Aloha gig is, I was gonna go to that show but Luna is @ SOHH tonight.