Wednesday, January 12, 2005

That's not the way it feels . . .

Songs in my heads:
"Operator" by Jim Croce
"Photographs and Memories" by Jim Croce
"You Don't Mess Around With Jim" by Jim Croce

Last night was the first recording session for our next album. The overall plan is to record the basic tracks on the four-track at our practice space and then record the rest on a friend's eight-track. We got a solid drum track and acoustic guitar track for "Four Corners" an hour after we all realized that my original drum track wavered too much in tempo. We first tried laying down a drum track and then the guitar, but I sped up and slowed down too much. So Jason did an entire take on the guitar (he tapped his foot so his tempo wouldn't waver). Then I played my part in one take and we had it. The lesson learned: the next time you hear somebody say, "I got it in one take," add at least two hours of trial and error.

NME got to hear some of Coldplay's next record.

Why is it I get the feeling that this band is the next "everybody's talking about this band" band? I haven't heard their music but after seeing a mention in Rolling Stone and now this, I have a feeling that this may be the case for at least the next few months. Not that I'm hedging bets or anything because the ratrace of who may be the next big band is just like a dog chasing its tail.

When I was down in Houston for the holidays, brother Matt told me that this cherished record was recently reissued. I saw a copy of the "reissue" at Best Buy yesterday and was happy. Of course now they play up the Maroon 5 angle on the packaging. I still think highly of Kara's Flower's music . . .

I think I may have heard about this band maybe once or twice in the last eight months. Now I keep hearing all these people talking about them because they recently broke up. Hmmm: what's the deal about appreciation coming only after a band breaks up?

This week's installment of the Onion's Films That Time Forgot: Splatter University. I don't know if this film was ever appreciated.

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