Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Cigarettes and Red Vines

Songs in my head:
"Red Vines" by Aimee Mann
"How Am I Different" by Aimee Mann

Richard Kelly's next film, Southland Tales, has a rather interesting website.

I don't mean to rag on this band, but when I read this article, I just cringed at the artist/label naivety. I found this quote especially scary: "We don't know what [the new record label's] long-term recording plans are yet, but we know we'll be heading out on a quick U.S. tour pretty soon, and then, of course, we have Ozzfest." Think I'm out of line or blowing smoke? Just ask one of these guys.

Still no word on a release date for Ben Folds' next proper solo record . . .

I don't know if iTunes has even considered this, but it would be very cool if they sold imports. I don't know if there is something about import taxes or whatnot, but I think it would be beneficial. I did find the Ordinary Boys record (which has not been released in the US) on iTunes for $11.99 though. How about more Manics records than just Everything Must Go? How about Suede's A New Morning or Singles? So on and so forth . . .

I finished Everything last night. All in all, a good and well-informed story on the Manics. Did have some reservations with it and I am applying them to my book . . .

Hope to get more writing/revising today, along with doing errands and laundry. Don't know if I can do all three at a time.

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