Saturday, January 01, 2005

Life on Mars?

Songs in my head:
"Mystery Hours" by the New Pornographers
"Life On Mars?" by David Bowie

First post of 2005. I will turn 26 this year and I plan to have my book finished. At this time, I have no resolutions for the new year. A few years ago I tried to do what Bob Nanna did and see 365 movies in one year. No such luck: I think the most I've seen in one year is around 80.

New Year's Eve was interesting: I had the Dismemberment Plan's "The Ice of Boston" in my head off and on through the night. We saw the Deathray Davies play at this rather large pub-style place across the street from the Hard Rock Cafe. They played two sets and a lot of songs sounded familiar even though I had not seen them play in about a year. Before they played, I heard a rumor that may be very true about one of my favorite local bands breaking up. I don't know if I'm in denial, but I don't believe it just yet. Anyway, we then went to a place in the Fair Park area for nonstop upbeat 1960s R&B music and lots of dancing on the dance floor. The music was incredible even though I was unfamiliar with a lot of the songs. It was one of those, the first time you hear it, it's great. I even heard the original version of "Tainted Love." Then came the John Sparrow from Houston. They were a very cool old school Mod garage rock band. Their drummer was all over his kit, throwing himself into every beat. Very cool.

Happy 2005

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Kev said...

Another near-miss last night--I heard you on the Marty Griffin show, but it was the end of your shift and I was just about where I was going. One of these days I'll actually hear you when I'm able to call in and say hi.