Sunshine the Werewolf

Song in my head:
"All Downhill from Here" by Jim O'Rourke

Yesterday I wore shorts because it was 68 degrees outside. Today, it's remained at 46 degrees all day. Go figure.

Monday night, while I was at my weekly pilgrimage to Freebirds, I heard "Sunshine the Werewolf" by the Dillinger Escape Plan. I know they have XM on their loud speakers but they usually have the classic alternative or modern rock stations on. This was a very interesting thing to hear while I was chowing down on a Monster chicken burrito.

Last night, the band got back together to practice. I think the last time we played together was in August, in other words, it was a long time. It was great to play drums again but the months of no playing made me a little stiff on rolls and beats. Whatever: we plan to record a lot of the new songs we've been working on for the last year. I haven't recorded in ages and I haven't recorded using my new drum set. Shall be interesting.

This morning, I got my copy of the quarterly alumni magazine from my old university. Is it me or is my urge to first read the back of the issue to see what my old classmates are doing weird? They usually list updates if someone has recently married or had a child. I'm not sure if "'01 graduate working in DFW radio writing a book on post-hardcore/whatever-you-call-it-core" is the most engaging thing to read. Maybe it is.